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How to create great video content without any editing skills using DailyCutting

Domain knowledge

You need not know your subject better than anyone in the world... but you need to know your subject better than your target audience.

Brand identity

This isn't something that only applies to big companies. You need to work on a consistent tone, personality and presentation style.


Procrastination is the enemy of any creative person. Make a schedule, stick by it. Not just your posting schedule, but your everyday schedule.

1. Don’t stress, it’s simple

Creating a video can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t done it before. There are technical skills involved - video editing, sound mixing, design and animation. With DailyCutting, we’ve tried to simplify or automate each of these things so that YOU can focus only on the narrative, the story you want to tell. Basically, you can create a video by just filling up simple text-based forms!

2. Build a strong narrative

As part of the DailyCutting library, we have a set of descriptive cards… or cards that help you provide a little context at different points in your video - very useful right after a title, or right before you reveal a big stat. One piece of advice… avoid the temptation to overuse these. These are bread-and-butter cards: nice when used sparingly, but too much of this and your video will look bland!

3. Break things down for clarity

There are times when you know your story is a little complicated, or you want to just reiterate a set of points you’re making… bullet points can come in handy at times like these (for example, ending a video by showing the 'three key takeaways from what you watched). With DailyCutting you can create these with zero effort.

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