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How to Write A Video Testimonial Script? [Format + Examples]

Updated: Mar 21

The art of writing good testimonial scripts

The difference between a good and great business can be stripped down to one simple factor - customer testimonials. It's quite simple - people will trust a user's word more than a sales pitch! Professional and well-made testimonial videos can be your ticket to drive sales forward, build relationships with existing customers, and attract more clients to your roster. Not to mention it’s one of the most inexpensive forms of content to add to your video marketing strategy. Keep reading this blog post for our ultimate guide on a winning video testimonial script with samples that will help convert.

How to Write a Video Testimonial Script

Remember that these are video testimonials we’re working with, so it’ll be easy for customers to spot if you’re not being sincere. After all, the goal of a good testimonial video is to provide social proof -- you want them to talk about the product not by describing it, but instead describing the impact it has had.

That’s why it’s super important to start with the right intention and although we’re giving you tips for a video testimonial script, make sure you’re telling the story of a real customer’s experience. Now let's get started!

Step 1: Put the customer in your testimonials

This is the most crucial yet difficult step, but once it's out of the way most of the work is done. Of course, if you’re a new business with a handful of customers or clients, it would make sense to ask all of them if they would like to help out with your video testimonials. But if you have more options to work with, ask yourself these questions before zeroing in on the protagonist for your video:

1. How close are they to your target demographic?

2. What kind of impact has your product or service had on their life?

3. Are they a new convert or a long-time customer/client?

4. Does the impact of your product lend itself naturally to easy documentation?

Step 2: Find inspiration for your customer testimonial

First off, watch 5-7 testimonial video examples from your industry or competitors and make a note of the kind of length and style they are opting for. Is it a corporate style video or more of a free-flowing vlog style? Is the customer just filming on their phones or is there a full production set up involved? Each of these will serve as case studies to help you figure out what approach to take for your own customer testimonial, and cater to your audience’s attention span on social media.

Step 3: Interview the customer and co-create

While doing the actual customer testimonial, make sure to incorporate ice-breakers along with reflective questions that will help get their thoughts flowing. The secret to a great powerful video testimonial is to get them to discuss their entire journey, and highlight your product or service as the hero of said journey. Check out some examples below:

1. What end goal/problem did you set out to achieve/solve with this service or product? What got you into this in the first place?

2. What attracted you to opt for this service or product in particular?

3. What did your life or specific process look like before using this product or service?

4. What were the specific outcomes after you incorporated this product or service into your life?

5. Is there anything you would have done differently throughout this journey?


As with all video content, remember the golden rule of show, don’t tell. We all think of video testimonials as largely a monologue by the customer giving the audience a low-down of why they love a certain product or service.

However, a great testimonial will show the audience exactly how your customer's workflow was before you came into the picture, and how you simplified or streamlined it. Documenting or showing this may require a bit of brainstorming and getting creative especially if you’re offering is not tangible, like a software service.


You can make your video testimonials extra impactful by adding graphics. This is essential for making your video irresistible and thumb-stopping for social media. Using lower thirds, stickers, and text on the screen add an extra professional touch and help emphasize the main takeaways. And if you’re a small business or just starting out, it’s also a super pocket-friendly way to enhance a low-budget video.

And DailyCutting’s online video editor makes it super simple, even if you’ve never edited a video before, so don’t forget to check it out for your next project.

If you're still wondering what goes into a video testimonial, let's move on to the sample scripts to get your creative juices flowing!

Video Testimonial Script for Customers (B2C)

Here's a sample script for a customer testimonial video, best suited for B2C businesses:

My doctor recommended that I switch to a gluten-free diet and that’s when I came across [name of product/service]. I noticed that it was the [unique feature of your product/service eg. only gluten-free bagel on the market that was also organic and sourced ethically) so I ordered some for myself.

I initially had some doubts because of [a feature that may make potential customers skeptical about your product eg. the high price], but they took care of that by [solution eg. exchanging my carton of bagels when I got a bad batch within 24 hours]. That’s when I knew this was a premium brand that really took customer care to the next level.

Take it from me, as a [description of your target audience eg. gluten-free newbie and mom], they helped me [keep my digestive issues in check without compromising on taste] and beyond to show me they cared by [attribute/action #2 eg. sending me an extra bag on my birthday].

Do yourself a favor and check out [product/service]. It’s helped me [specific outcome related to a big-picture goal eg finally get started on incorporating a healthy lifestyle] and I know it will help you too!

Video Testimonial Script for Clients (B2B)

Next up, we have our B2B script:

When our [nature of client’s business eg. video production agency] suddenly blew up after a video of ours went viral, we knew we needed a [type of product or service eg task management software] to [big-picture goal eg. increase productivity] by [specific action eg. stay on top of all the extra projects, and new hires on board].

It took us a long time before we decided to go with [name of your product/service]. After all, they were offering [unique features of your product/service that attracted them]. And when we found out about their [shared values such as speed or commitment to customer excellence], we knew we made the best choice.

Not only did they do [attribute/action #1 eg. offer us a free demo of how to use the service], they went above and beyond to [attribute/action #2 troubleshooting when we ran into an error during one of our busiest weeks]. Thanks to them we’ve been able to [specific measurable impact of using product/service eg. increase employee efficiency by 30%] which means [a more unexpected/indirect impact of using your product/service eg. we’ve been able to have more time for team brainstorming sessions and less instances of burnout].

And now, [name of your service/product] has become an essential part of our workflow. We just can’t imagine life without it.

Wrapping Up

Now that you've got our top tips for killer testimonial videos, go out there and highlight the real-life impact of your business.

And don't forget to check out DailyCutting!

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