• Deepak Narayanan

Fan behaviour has changed. Have you?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Working on sports content is great because, being a sports fan yourself, you know exactly what your consumer wants. However, the fact that you know exactly what your consumer wants means you end up missing big opportunities.

Over the years, the consensus on digital video desks has been that there was no point trying to capture fans’ eyeballs when a live match was on because fans were either glued to the live stream, or they were doing quick checks of a live scorecard.

So while everyone accepts that fan engagement goes through the roof during a live match, editorial teams have not been able to monetize this potential goldmine.

As it turns out, sports consumption online is changing dramatically… in a way that should excite digital content teams!

According to this analysis piece based on a Nielsen survey:

  • Fans are increasingly consuming sports on their phones.

  • More and more, they’re following live matches on social media.

  • Shorter attention spans means they watch only what is interesting – if it’s a close game, or an interesting passage of play, they’ll watch the stream. If not, they’re happy to snack on videos related to the live match.

There’s a huge opportunity for content teams to wake up and reclaim this window when fan engagement rises exponentially. An opportunity to think beyond the current set of pre-match and post-match video sets and give live-match stories the priority – talking points as they happen, real-time reactions, real-time statistical analysis… not just as infographics or posts, but in video form, which can actually be monetized.

The spike in fan engagement is not because people are watching 22 players kicking a ball around. It’s because of all the emotions it sparks, it’s because of the reactions it triggers, it’s because of the insights churned out by number-crunching geeks … create real-time video stories that capture all of these and you have a great chance of striking gold.

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