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8+ Types of Content Creators that Exist in 2022

Updated: Mar 21

The world of content creation is ever-expanding, with more opportunities opening up every day.

You don't have to be an expert in your field to create educational/ instructional content... your audience could find value in your journey as well!

But that can also lead to analysis paralysis if you’re a newbie figuring out where to begin.

Keep on reading to know more about the different types of content creators and find the right fit for you.


A quality content creator can first be categorised based on who they represent – either themselves, or a third-party brand or individual.

Content creator for own social media accounts

Anyone putting out content creation on social media as their main (or potentially their main) source of revenue. Social media content can overlap across visual, audio, graphic design, video blogging, etc. Anything goes from TikTok to LinkedIn. A social media creator tries to monetise their personal brand.

Content creator for brand accounts

Next up, we have marketing content creators. Their role is pretty much the same as social media creators, except they push out content for the social media feeds of other brands. Marketers and folks in the advertising field, content strategists, and social media managers fall under this category.


YouTube creator

YouTube content creators generally dabble in creating more long-form video content. Think vlogs, tutorials, DIYs, etc. With the introduction of YouTube shorts, snackable content is also picking up, but the platform is still dominated by video creators that make longer content.

Graphic designer

Graphic design is a whole universe in itself. It encompasses everything from creating everyday social media graphics, animations, landing pages, websites etc. to packaging design, motion design, 3D renders, game design, and more. There’s jobs to be done for a graphic designer at virtually every level of creating any new product or idea, right from ideation to packaging.

Instagram creator

Instagram creators are often active on other social media marketing platforms, and this just happens to be one of the places where they connect with their audience. However, Instagram has proven itself to be a great medium to get discovered and engage with followers, through features like Reels and Live.

TikTok creator

TikTok shot up to the top of the charts in terms of popularity, especially for brands and figures with younger, Gen Z audiences. The video making app pushed the limits of creativity and helped individuals build communities organically. TikTok creators can do just about anything – from singing to reviews and mini-vlogs to tutorials.


Successful content writers showcase their skills and storytelling through their words. They are responsible for ensuring that everything that you see, from the 2-3 word slogans to any long-form pieces are engaging and enticing.

This can also be divided into further specialisations based on industry, and we’ll get into technical content writing or blog content a bit further down into the article.


Photographers can also be categorised further down based on the industry and type of work they do. From flatlays to landscapes, photography is a pretty wide-reaching arena where you can find great success working on the brand side, freelancing, or even selling their prints and doing freelance work.


Video is truly the future of content. Videographers can also include filmmakers, video editors, producers, directors, director of photography, and more. This is often one of the core skills that content creators must master, so it’s important that you start learning how to create content for a Youtube channel, for example, as soon as possible.


Working with audio also allows you to experiment a bunch to become the successful content creator you want to be, whether it’s self-producing a personal show or handling production for clients for web content.

There’s plenty of room for experimentation here too. You can start a chat show-type podcast, or deep dive into a particular subject/area, or start creating a series with a narrative that unfold over various episodes.


Your level of expertise on the industry or field can influence the type of content creator you become. Though you should be looking at a mix of instructional, informative and entertainment as your content marketing pillars, there’s one you’ll likely lead with.

Expert/ Industry Insider

If you’re an expert in your field, it would make sense to mostly make instructional content. Being an expert also gives you access.

For example, say you have knowledge of a super niche and specialised field like Web3. You can use that to become a technical content writer.

You have the option of monetising through instructional courses, mentorship, books, or sometimes even content calendars / content plans, on top of your existing digital marketing content.


Being a novice yourself does not mean you can't make educational or instructional videos. If this is the case, you can take them through your audience through your own journey from novice to expert. In fact, if you get your tone and personality right, there's a good chance audiences will latch on to you for relatability. Another way to approach content creation as a novice would be to interview experts in your field.


Just like the novice creator, the newbie too is in a position to deliver educational content to their audiences, as they have lots to offer in terms of engaging your audience through your journey into this field.

If you’re transitioning from another field, this can be a great way to document this jump and reach out to others in that niche by doing more blog posts, vlogging style or other digital content.

It’s a great opportunity to share in-real time the content creation process that you’re on and really show your progress. You can inspire others like yourself to go down the same path.


Now that we’ve taken you through the ultimate guide for the different types of content creation, work on your content strategy by zeroing in on the one that fits your goals and expertise, and start building your bank of great content.

For more information and even more examples, check out this article.

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